History & Mission



To produce compelling theatre, from a Christian world-view, that engages a diverse audience.




After thousands of performances over a 39-year run at our original Grace Theater on West Alabama, we have a grand, new venue that features perquisites for the public and additional amenities for actors and crew.

The $18 million facility includes an advanced rigging system, cutting-edge lighting, state-of-the-art sound systems, and a spacious lobby and concession area. The George also contains a conference room, laundry facilities, green room, and an expanded backstage workshop allowing sets to be constructed on-site.

The Player’s previous home (Grace Theater) was only 7,000 square feet, the new George Theater is 35,000 square feet. Compared to the Grace, The George Theater doubles the seat count to 450 and expands the height of the backstage area to 75 feet.

Located in the vibrant Galleria-Uptown District of Houston, the new A.D. Players complex is within walking distance of numerous hotels, restaurants and shopping options. If, like most Houstonians, you’re driving to The George Theater, the spacious and free parking lot eliminates a typical downtown arts-venue hassle.