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“Academy Arts for All” is an inclusive program which offers those with learning differences a platform to create, express and perform under professional theatrical instruction. With a focus on teamwork, these courses create a cognitively-challenging environment where students are encouraged to develop creativity and social skill sets. “Academy Arts for All” makes the arts accessible to all populations, employing specifically designed curriculum to permit those with learning differences the opportunity to express their artistry in front of an audience at the professional Jeannette & L.M. George Theater or A.D. Players’ Saint Street Studio.

Instituted in Summer 2017, this program partners with local Houston area therapeutic and alternative learning institutes to provide student development through the arts. Through semester long sessions centered around performance and theatre activities, Academy Special Populations courses integrate elements of movement, music, vocalization and presentation with the end goal being to build participants’ confidence, community, socialization skills and self-expression.


arts for all classes

All Classes listed below are at Saint Street Studio (2613 Saint Street, Houston, TX 77027)

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