“A Cardboard Christmas” Nov. 25 – Dec. 23

The Joy, Songs, and Miracle of Christmas. We are proud to be presenting the World Premiere of “A Cardboard Christmas”. You and your family and friends will delight in the musical stories of a stranger who happens upon a boy and his Mom. The Mother and son are wishing for a home out of the cold. Like the Christmas miracle itself it is a story of family and joy mysteriously found through forgiveness and love. Unlike the Christmas miracle this takes palce while sleeping on a cardboard box under the highway. Don’t miss your chance to enjoy this celebration of our favorite Christmas songs and the wonderful stories of their creation.



kevin Dean headshot

Director’s Notes

Kevin Dean, Director “A Cardboard Christmas”

What makes the play you are about to see so powerful is that in incorporates three things I believe to be vital to the human experience: music, stories and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

It’s no secret that humans have enjoyed music since its creation.  It can make us happy in our darkest times, it can relieve stress, provide creative outlets, enhance experiences, and so much more. The arts in general are how we explain ourselves to each other, but music is unique because it is non-verbal, non-pictorial, and perhaps the most abstract of our arts. This is also its chief glory.
Stories, on the other hand, saturate our culture. We are surrounded by them.  In books, newspapers, magazines, movies, television, radio–everywhere.  We write stories, we sing stories, we tell them, we draw them, we watch them.  We can live with very little to eat, but we cannot live without stories.
Finally the Gospel. Christmastime seems to naturally bring together the first two elements, don’t you think?  Many of the songs we listen to over and over again, year after year, are about the greatest story ever told.  And the stories behind these songs, are equally compelling.
I’m grateful you took time out of the story God is writing in your life to spend some time with us.  I’m hopeful this story blesses you and I trust that every time you hear one of these songs in the future, your heart will be warmed once again by the memory you create tonight.  Merry Christmas!