Ambassador's Council


Sarah Bellows
Elsa Billman
Dr. John Bisagno
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Blanton Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Booker
Linda and Sam Bradshaw
Rev. Kirbyjon Caldwell
Mr. and Mrs. Dougal A. Cameron
Cris and Bill Emmons
Patti and James T. Fox
Mrs. Clare Glassell
Marylou and Gene Habecker
Rev. Laurens A. Hall
Martha and Jim Hunt
Mr. and Mrs. Lanson B. Jones
Dr. and Mrs. Campbell M. Lange
Carol and Jay Loucks
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Modesett, Jr.
John Raley
Thomas E. Smith
Mr. Jack I. Tompkins
Mr. John O. Tyler
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Wareing
Sue Whitfield
Mr. Dan Wilford
Jane and Jim Wise
Carrie Woliver