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A.D. Players on Tour continues to offer educational programming which inspires students to engage their imaginations, as well as offering faith-based professional programming to churches and community organizations. We're making our touring performances more flexible and affordable and we hope you will consider our program offerings this year (listed below). We would love to come out and share our passion and theatrical programming with your school, church, or organization.


Young Audiences touring


The Magician's Nephew

by Aurand Harris, story by C.S. Lewis

Based on the beloved novel by C.S. Lewis in the Chronicles of Narnia series, young Digory and his friend, Polly, set forth on a series of magical adventures through the mystical lands of Narnia with the assistance of some newly discovered magical rings. Students can join in on their adventures as good triumphs over evil in this theatrical dramatization which engages the imagination and encourages students to read this entire fantastical series of books by one of the most produced writers for Young Audiences.

Performing at The George Theater on October 19, 20, 26 and 27, at 10:30 am

Available for Touring

Touring Costs: $750; booked only through Young Audiences of Houston

Book online at yahouston.org or call 713-520-9264


The Bully Show!

by Brian Guehring

 The Bully Show! opens with the audience arriving at the live taping of the pilot episode of a new game show. Johnny, the game show host, has made some last minute changes to the show, now called “You Wanna Be a Bully”. The audience members, some of who are chosen to be contestants on the show, learn how to identify bullies and equip tools to effectively respond to bullying. The Bully Show! seeks to challenge upper elementary and middle school students to realize the consequences of bullying, and stimulate further discussion on the issue. It is also a great tool to uniquely augment existing anti-bullying programs.

Available for Touring

Touring Cost: $750; booked only through Young Audiences of Houston.

yahouston.org or 713-520-9264



The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

by le Claunche Du Rand

Story by C.S. Lewis


While living outside London in the home of an eccentric professor during World War II, four siblings discover a wardrobe that leads to the mystical land of Narnia. There they encounter Aslan,the great lion, and his nemesis, the White Witch. In Narnia, there are duels, chases and narrow escapes--and ultimately, the triumph of good over evil. This story of love, courage, faith and sacrifice is a true celebration of life!


Available for Touring starting Friday November 30th - December 30th


Performing at The George Theater on December 8, 15, and 22, at 10:30am

Christmas Touring

Littleboro Valley Story

by Jeannette Clift George

Available for Touring starting Friday November 30th - December 30th

Honorarium: $1,300 (plus travel fee outside the loop)

Improv in a Pear Tree

Available for Touring starting Friday November 30th - December 30th

Honorarium: $800 (plus travel fee outside the loop)

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