Academy Productions create an experience that may last a lifetime. Children 8 years and up join with theater professionals across all departments, opening up a world of auditions, rehearsals, and live performances. This intriguing insight into the process of staging a theatrical production may well propel your rising star to new heights.

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Ages 11-18

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An Acting Summer Camp culminating with Performances at The George Theater

Directed by Stephen Hurst

auditions - June 29

Performances - August 9-11


ages 14-21

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A Six-Week Instructional Workshop culminating with Black Box Performance at Saint Street Studio
Directed by Noah Alderfer

performances - February 15 & 16



the barefoot children in the city of ward

By Cori Ann Laemmel, Music by Cori Ann Laemmel and Bethany Bailey

We cannot wait to welcome you to the City of Ward! The city gates are always open, as long as you know the rules! Inside the gates of Ward lies an incredible city made up only of children. The city is beautiful but hides a secret. In reality, it is the children's ward of "Nations Hospital" one of the best pediatric oncology facilities in the world. Join the children as they invite you into the world of their imaginations that will surely make you believe in magic.

October 18-21, 2018