The Bully Show

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Examining forms of social cruelty.
In partnership with Holocaust Museum Houston

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By Brian Guehring
Oct. 15 - Nov. 9


The Bully Show!
opens with the audience arriving at the live taping of the pilot episode of a new game show. Carole and Frederico, the game show assistants, warm up the crowd and get them excited to see the show. Johnny the game show host, however, has made some last minute changes to the show (to the surprise of the assistants) and the game show is now called "You Wanna Be a Bully." The audience members, who are chosen to become contestants, play games where they have to identify who could be a bully or which scenes show bullying. As the game show progresses, Frederico tries to stand up for the contestants, but the host makes fun of him in order to entertain the crowd. Carole is reluctant to interfere between Johnny and Frederico as tension rises. Eventually the host pushes Frederico too far and the whole game show grinds to a halt. Carole stands up to Johnny and enlists the audience to help Johnny realize that he is a bully and that bullying is a serious problem.
The Bully Show! hopes to challenge elementary and middle school students to reconsider some of their assumptions about bullies and victims, to realize some of the consequences of bullying, and to stimulate further discussions on this issue. It can be used as a great tool to uniquely augment the bullying programs already being led by school counselors and teachers.